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By Simon Oxenham. The comedian, best known for playing Dobbie in the British sitcom Peep Showis one of many people who experience autonomous sensory meridian response ASMR — a tingly feeling often elicited by certain videos or particular mundane interactions. Growing up, Suttie says she had always assumed everyone felt it too.

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T he ridged band the ring of highly enervated ridges next to the muco-cutaneous junction on the inside of the tip of the foreskin is not only capable of orgasm — in my case it is capable of multiple orgasm. In this three-minute video I acheieve five orgasms each with an ejaculation over a period of less than two minutes, by stimulating my ridged band which is pulled back and exposed on the shaft of my penis with the thumb and index finger of my right hand. I do not touch my glans penis.

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I wanted to HEAL her. I watched instructional videos not porn, which many women blame for turning men into shitty lovers. I lived for years in a Tantra ashram and had sex with many women who taught me how to not just pleasure them but make them feel safe.

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Autonomous sensory meridian response ASMRis a term used to describe the pleasurable, tingling sensation experienced by many people in response to certain auditory or sensual triggers, such as whispering, tapping and slow hand movements. Not only does ASMR—whis is sometimes referred to as "brain tingles" or "brain orgasms,"—feel good to those who experience itbut the response may actually have benefits for both physical and mental well-being, according to a study published in the online journal PLOS ONEconducted by scientists from the University of Sheffield. In the past few years, so-called ASMR videos have exploded in popularity online, to the extent that YouTube now hosts more than 13 million of them. These feature people carrying out a host of activities, such as rustling paper, cutting hair or folding towels.

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I am sitting at my desk in a nearly empty office on a December evening, feeling the sort of directionless melancholy that tends to take hold as the holiday season sets in, listening to a video of a gentle Russian woman whispering in my ear about how much she cares about my relaxation. Those who get ASMR describe the experience as a tingling inside their heads, or a head rush. Sometimes the sensation extends down their backs or limbs.

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Orgasm Inc. This title is currently unavailable. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

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There appears to be an orgasm gap in the world of erotic internet videos. A new study has found that some of the most popular pornographic videos rarely show women reaching orgasm, but do tend to show men reaching orgasm. So I was wondering how accurate orgasm depictions were in mainstream porn, and how these depictions could be related to orgasm-related cultural beliefs.

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If you've ever had someone else wash your hair or massage your scalp, then you know it can give you all the good tingly feels, but apparently this feeling can help cure insomnia too. Well, Twitter is losing its mind over these "head orgasm" videos, so it's a worthwhile question. This sounds so simple — why am I just hearing about this?

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Some people shiver with delight at whispers and certain kinds of soft sounds. The only noises to be heard are footsteps and video editing suites firing up. The nice ceremonies come later.


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